St Mary’s Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital sits on the site now known as Parliament   Square in Hobart. Parliament Square comprises about 13 buildings currently, with redevelopment of the whole site now just commencing. The images in the St Mary’s Hospital Gallery were taken in two of those buildings, the hospital building itself and also the add on known as the Red Brick Buildings.

The hospital building is on the corner of Davey Street and Salamanca Place, Hobart. The Red Brick Buildings are tacked onto the back of the hospital building at the Print Building end in Salamanca Place.

The foundation stone for the St Mary’s Hospital Building was laid in 1847 by Lieutenant Governor Denison. I assume the Red Brick Buildings were added sometime in the early 20th century.

These two buildings have not been used or occupied for some 37 years. Prior to their vacation they were used as office space including for the Tasmanian Survey Dept which left its large steel troughs used for developing aeriel photographs. The buildings are for the most part otherwise empty, just the occasional chair or desk.

I was lucky, together with one other photographer, to gain access to the two buildings over two weekends at the end of November. It was somewhat spooky at times with some large rooms with only limited natural light. Our Treasury Dept has done a good job of keeping vandals out of the buildings but signs of wear and tear are evident. Sadly many “artifacts” seem to have been souvenired. There was also evidence of a fire having affected the Red Brick Buildings not all that long ago.

I have attempted to capture images of these buildings as they are now. As part of the Parliament Square redevelopment the St Mary’s Hospital building will be “renovated and restored”. The Red Brick Buildings will be demolished to make way for a new office building.

Images were nearly all captured with a Canon 5DII using 24, 45 or 90mm tilt shift lenses. A couple of images were captured with a Sony Nex 7 with Canon 40mm pancake lens (great combination).

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